EduCentre School of Business has initiated the First Women Collegepreneur Programme

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November 1, 2023

EduCentre School of Business has initiated the First Women Collegepreneur Programme, aimed at equipping young women with the skills and knowledge to pursue entrepreneurship. The program encourages female students to develop innovative and scalable business ideas, providing them with a seed capital of Rs 10,000. Government support, represented by A Temgem Jamir and Keneirienuo Kire, emphasizes the importance of women’s participation in entrepreneurship. Viseino Basumatari, Co-founder of Saucy Joe’s, shared her entrepreneurial journey, inspiring students to persevere. EduCentre School of Business, part of the Department of Industries and Commerce, collaborates with Startup Nagaland, supporting numerous startups and entrepreneurs.

The vision for the Women Collegepreneur Program in five years is to have empowered and inspired a significant number of young women to become successful and influential entrepreneurs. It aims to create a vibrant ecosystem where female college students are not only equipped with essential entrepreneurial skills but have also honed their innovative thinking and business acumen. As a result, these women will have launched a multitude of innovative and scalable businesses that contribute to economic growth and job creation. The program aspires to break down gender barriers, ensuring equal opportunities for women in the entrepreneurial landscape. Beyond individual success stories, the program envisions a broader impact on society by fostering a culture of women entrepreneurship, thereby encouraging and mentoring the next generation of young women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

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