Livelihood and Entrepreneurship Skills Centre

Livelihood and Entrepreneurship Skills Centre


Educentre Livelihood and Entrepreneurship Skills Centre is a registered society under the society’s registration Act of 1860 vide registration number HOME/SRC-7571 registering authority having its registered office at Old NST, Kohima- 797001.

The society is engaged in implementation of various training and rural tribal development projects in Nagaland. The cooperative came into being in the year 2018 and has partnership over the years with Department of Industries and Commerce, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, SASARD Agricultural College from training, handholding, production, and manufacturing.


Collaborated with Department of Industries and Commerce under the livelihood generation program for returned migrant workers. Trained 500 people in 2020 and another 350 in 2021. The workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic were then given seed money under NEC to start their business.

Provided beekeeping certificate courses and also trained people on how to set up their small business like honey processing and bee harvesting.

Worked with bamboo artisans by providing continuous skill upgradation opportunities.

Trained the unemployed youths on utilizing the primary material for articles of everyday use such as bamboo houses, stools, baskets, traps as well as decorative items.

Life skill trainings are provided to the widows in production of local made food processing like local juices, dry fruits and different varieties of pickles.



We reserve the right and the sole discretion to modify, filter, and select individuals or businesses based on the Terms of ESB. While our main intention is to provide service to our entrepreneurs, ESB will have the right to conduct due diligence and ensure all compliances and terms are met by individuals who wish to be part of its programs.