Educentre – School of Business Officially Launched in Dimapur

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November 10, 2021

Educentre School of Business (ESB), a consultancy, was launched today in Dimapur. As explained by Founder/CEO, Lezo Putsure, ESB is a collaborative programme supported by the Department of Industries and Commerce, Nagaland.

“ESB is a place to help startups, to help businesses, to help entrepreneurs; in other words— an incubator for startups,” he said.  

Based in Duncan Basti, it was launched by Director of Industries & Commerce, K Hokishe Assumi, who informed that a programme to assist Nagaland-based startups was started in 2019. While stating, “Nagas are (known to be) driven initially but loses steam not long after,” he though added that it has been encouraging to see “our entrepreneurs daring” to explore. With the proliferation of the internet and the avenues it provides, he said it is an opportunity for all to take advantage of.  

ESB Founder/CEO, Putsure said that the focus of the firm would be on training budding business professionals on the basics of business like accounting, book-keeping, marketing and so on.  “The whole idea of Educentre School of Business is to be an institute that will help aspiring entrepreneurs plus existing entrepreneurs.” 

He added, “What we do is we mentor them. So, if somebody has a good idea we help them build their product. Once they build a product (prototype), the next step is to implement the project. Once we know that the project is good then we will get investors for them.”

He informed that ESB was started in 2020 subsequent to declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic and the way it changed the business landscape. According to him, ESB stepped in to cater to the needs of the situation, initially starting with online business lessons for people, who started businesses from home. It led to the opening of the office space in Dimapur. 

“If there is a decent entrepreneur who needs something, they can just come in,” he said, while adding that if the startups need funding they are supported by the Department of Industries and Commerce. 

Three local IT-based startups, mentored by ESB, also presented their business models at the launch programme. 
It included Zeliang Codetech, started by father-son duo Kangzang Zeliang and Zaiyigum Zeliang (8 years old). The app (PTI or Parent-Teacher Interaction) developed by them targets to help parents and teachers interact digitally and keep track of the student’s performance at school.

Tenyitech, comprised of engineering students—  Betso-o Koza, Mhasheto Vero and Tesenlo Stephen Magh has developed a web based application called ‘Health History Application (HHA)’  that manages medical records, besides detecting early signs of viral disease outbreaks and tackling them efficiently. Its other features include booking doctors’ appointments, hospitals posting ads about events like blood donation drives etcetera. 

The third startup- TechnoATOC is working on developing a vehicle parking app called- Parky that would provide “realtime data of availability of parking spaces which will help users locate free parking spaces.” The team consists of Thejanguzo Chielie, Alongkum, Obangzungba Jamir and Chubalemba. 

(Article Source: Morung Express )

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