The purpose of visit was to get more insights on research and development of soil, production and testing process.

Peihauding, who is the founder of Ngurie explained the full process of creating bio-enhancing products, from identifying and testing natural ingredients to the final packaging and distribution of the products.

Throughout the visit, students got an opportunity to interact with experts in the field of bio-enhancement, including samplings & research and also witness the effects of bio-enhancers on plant growth and yield.

Ngurie – Organic Bio Enhancer  is more than 5 years of Research product for the Floriculture,  Agriculture and Horticulture. More than 100 User have tested   the Bio – Enhancer  with a positive  feedback.

Overall, a field visit to Ngurie – Bio Enhancer centre provided an excellent opportunity for individuals interested in sustainable agriculture to learn about the latest research and development in bio-enhancing products and their potential benefits for farmers and the environment.

On addition to Ngurie, EDC Peren students also visit Kendeu Coaching Centre which is located at Jalukie Town. The coaching centre impacted more than 400 Students & also provide access to resources such as books, training materials & one on one interaction to faculty members that can supplement a science student of class 8, 9 & 10 and support their ongoing learning and development.